Nancy’s fiction

Nancy’s Short Stories:

“Annabelle’s Teeth” (CutBank Literary Magazine 75 )

“Driving Miss Lena Tart” (Dogzplot, May 2011)

“Jonah Overboard.”(Los Angeles Review, Issue 9, Spring 2011)

“Cirque Psychologique.” (Cezanne’s Carrot)

“Curiosity.” A cappella Zoo, Issue 6, Spring 2011

“Surface Wounds” (Staccato Fiction)

“Today’s Fish is a Very Fine Fish” (Brain Harvest)

“Demeter To Her Daughter Persephone, On Why Spring Will Be Late This Year.” (Apollo’s Lyre )

“Proceed to the Nearest Emergency Room.” (decomP)

“Gravitas. Gravity. Gravitas.” (Moon Milk Review)

“The Third Half of the Moon” (Fall 2010 Saint Ann’s Review and online)

“A Fistful of Buttercups” (SmokeLong Quarterly)

“Shades of Flamingo” (Grey Sparrow Journal)

“Monkeys Imitating Monkeys Imitating Humans” (Drabblecast 152)

“The Smell of Love, The Color of Happiness” (Johnny America)

“Through Jelly Glass Darkly” (Menda City Review)

“Miss Luz Still Has It” (The Summerset Review)


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