Loranne Brown

Ladies, Gentlemen, fellow Princesses:

Vignette evening, April 2010

Photo credit: Wendy Delamont Lees

I am honoured to be among you, adding “u” to honor, dropping “eh” into casual conversation, pronouncing “out” and “about” to Heather’s amusement.

For I. Am. Canadian.

Looking for a paper engineer willing to create a pop-up from the cover of my novel, The Handless Maiden (Doubleday Canada, 1998).

Anyone good with scissors?

A few links to stuff:

The Handless Maiden
Profile of Loranne/Review of The Handless Maiden
“Waxwing” short story/novel excerpt by Loranne Brown
The Fed Anthology
Longlist, 2000 International IMPAC Dublin Award
Shortlist, Amazon/Chapters Books in Canada First Novel Award
Shortlist, BC Book Awards 1999
Random House Readers’ Group Guide to The Handless Maiden
Article, “Degrees of Separation”

Article, “Inspiring Change”

160,000 words — or 6?

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