Similar book covers

The science of book jacket design is fascinating. Recently, while wandering a bookstore, my daughter found this book on the shelf:

Look familiar?

Holy cow!

We immediately ran over to the Twilight shelf to compare:

Publishing icon, instantly recognizable

They’re similar, but not identical, so they’re not based on the same stock photo–although they may well be part of the same stock photo set.

Nonetheless, the question remains: is HarperOne, publisher of the Lewis book, attempting to attract a Twilight market by using a similar image? It’s pretty blatant.  You’d have to have been living in a cave the past few years not to notice the similarity.

What do you think?


Several other collectors of similar covers: here and here.


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Loranne Brown, MFA: Journalist and novelist (The Handless Maiden, Doubleday Canada 1998) teaches Professional Writing at Trinity Western University, Langley, BC. Blog: Twitter: @MFAGals @LoranneBrown View all posts by Loranne Brown

4 responses to “Similar book covers

  • heidi

    That is really odd. I can certainly understand how a Christian publisher might see the apple as appropriate for some non-fiction theology, but I can’t imagine they’d want the association with Twilight. The two audiences wouldn’t necessarily be alike.

    And I agree – you’d have to be under a rock to not know about the Twilight covers.

  • Valerie

    Thanks for linking to my post. I’ve only commented on similiar covers once — the other one you linked to is a genius at finding them :-)!

    My pet peeve about covers are when they don’t match the period — i.e. a woman in a dress from the 1950s on the cover when it is clearly set in the 1920s (I made that one up to give an example) or the design is very modernistic when it is, say, a Victorian novel.

  • avisannschild

    Thanks for linking to my post too!

    Another great blog for lookalike posts is Pop Culture Junkie. She actually posted about these two and a couple of other lookalikes herehere.

  • avisannschild

    Sorry about the “herehere” in my last comment!

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