Who’s Your Buddy?

First, let me say that my husband is a saint when it comes to listening to my stories. I read him almost every draft. If I try to speed through the parts he’s heard before, he says, “Slow down.”

Shouldn’t there be a medal for that?

I’ve never seen him so excited about a story as the one I just finished, and that’s the problem, because almost everyone on Zoe thought it was confusing.

Okay, it’s in second person, present tense, and mostly told in flashbacks. Yep: confusing.

Actually I think it’s one of those stories people love or hate. Ivan says, “Send it out now.” Zin says, “I love this piece! I love it! I do not quite follow it all the way through, but…”

So, here’s the reason my husband likes it–let me explain that he teaches literature, and thus knows something about prose, because this is going to sound goofy–he likes it because it gives him the same eery/lost feeling as one of his favorite Twilight Zone episodes. Last night, when I read him the “improved,” more linear version, he was very disappointed.

So what’s a writer to do? I changed it back and sent it out, hoping there are more Twilight Zone fans out there, on editorial staffs. Or maybe a Zin or an Ivan.

Happy Anniversary, Brucito!


About Loranne Brown

Loranne Brown, MFA: Journalist and novelist (The Handless Maiden, Doubleday Canada 1998) teaches Professional Writing at Trinity Western University, Langley, BC. Blog: https://whatisitwithwriting.wordpress.com/ Twitter: @MFAGals @LoranneBrown View all posts by Loranne Brown

2 responses to “Who’s Your Buddy?

  • Sue Staats

    put me in the "I love it" column, and yes, it's confusing but in a good, good way. As I will note when I finally get to my review, having just completed and submitted my (linear but a little bit comic book, maybe a pop-up?) story. And I might add, you are a blessed women to have a sounding board in the house. Would you consider leasing him, or something?

  • Loranne Brown

    Add me to the "I love it" column as well. Great story — I was happy to have to work a little to figure out what was going on. And I ditto Sue's comment about the blessing of a husband who can read your work critically. Mine likes to wait until it's all done. But that's why I love and cherish my three critique groups: you, my princesses; my Bards' Ink friends of many years; and my Fine Print group of insightful women.

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