Reading Room

What was the most helpful reading you did this semester?

I’d have to say The Paperboy, the novel I mentioned in a previous post, because Dexter’s short little sections, which often feel like flash to me. This form really resonated with me. Also his dual-protagonist structure (the narrator focusing on another character’s story) is something I recognize in a lot of my favorite books, including A Summons to Memphis and To Kill a Mockingbird.

I also read Robert Olen Butler’s From Where You Dream, and loved his sections/points on cinematography and yearning.


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Loranne Brown, MFA: Journalist and novelist (The Handless Maiden, Doubleday Canada 1998) teaches Professional Writing at Trinity Western University, Langley, BC. Blog: Twitter: @MFAGals @LoranneBrown View all posts by Loranne Brown

One response to “Reading Room

  • Sue Staats

    All the reading sort of runs together, but I think I'd have to say David Long's "The Inhabited World," a lovely, quiet book with the most sinuous and focused language. Worth reading slowly!

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