Some musings you might see posted here. Or not.
Because, sometimes Princesses are busy and really the titles are enough, don’t you think?

Heather Sappenfield: In Defense of Capris
also: My Life in Skorts

Loranne Brown: Just a Twitter Away

Nancy Stebbins: Cork-Poppin’ With Nancy

Sue Staats – Scoring the Book Inscription of Your Dreams
also: Searching for Carlos: One Lonely Writer’s Quest for True Love
also: How to Make Everyone Think You’re The Funniest Woman on The Planet (part of the series Hypnotism For Dummies)
Loranne Brown: Guide To Getting The Most From Your Critical Essay, with Forward and Appendices by John Rember.
also: Loranne Brown’s Quick Cure for Self-Inflicted Head Wounds

The Princesses On: Counting Peas Beneath The Mattress, and Other Ways of Squandering Time


About Loranne Brown

Loranne Brown, MFA: Journalist and novelist (The Handless Maiden, Doubleday Canada 1998) teaches Professional Writing at Trinity Western University, Langley, BC. Blog: Twitter: @MFAGals @LoranneBrown View all posts by Loranne Brown

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